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Material Identification System

  1. Materials will be divided into three groups:

    Group A - Copper and Copper Alloys

    Group B - Refractory Metal and Refractory Metal Composites

    Group C - Specialty Materials

  2. The materials in each group will be further subdivided according to their properties:

							Minimum   Properties
							  %IACS        Hardness
Group A		Class 1-9		Class 1		    80	   	  65 Rb
					Class 2		    75		  75 Rb
					Class 3		    45		  90 Rb
					Class 4		    20		  33 Rc
					Class 5		    12		  65 Rb

Group B		Class 10-19		Class 10	    45		  72 Rb
					Class 11	    40		  94 Rb
					Class 12	    35		  98 Rb
					Class 13	    30	          69 Ra
					Class 14	    30	          85 Rb

Group C		Class 20 and up		Class 20	    75            75 Rb

NOTE: For more detailed specifications, see bulletin # 16

  • All materials will be identified by a combination of their class number and unified numbering system
    designation or other RMWA approved system when applicable.
    	Class Number				Alloy designation
    	    XX					      XXXXX		

  • The RWMA may elect to assign a designation when an approved organization does not exist. The material
    will be identified by a combination of it's class number, major component and electrical conductivity.
    			Atomic number of	Minimum		Numerical       
    Class number		major component		 %IACS		Sequence	
     XX                         XX                	   XX               X	   

  • For material to qualify for an RWMA designation, the following must occur:
    1. There is a demand for said material in the resistance welding market.
    2. The material be accepted and identified by the Copper Development Association or other recognized
      materials association.
    3. The RWMA will recognize the physical and chemical properties published by the Copper Development
      Association or other recognized organization. If properties are not published by a recognized organization,
      the properties will be agreed upon by the vendor and RWMA.


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